Dan Covel Black Magic Half Guard DVD

3 ratings

Dan Covel Black Magic Half Guard DVD
Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Region: All region DVD
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THE VOODOO PRIEST IS BACK! Following up on his highly acclaimed Black Magic Closed Guard, Dan Covel is back with another instructional on his unique Jiu Jitsu style. This time, Dan shows you some of his favorite attacks, passes and reversals from the half guard position.

These highly effective techniques works well with all body types and skill levels. Don’t be without these half guard gems!

Techniques Included:

  1. Smashing The Half Guard
  2. Deep Kimura Vs Deep Half
  3. Negative Side Pass
  4. Pass To Arm Lock
  5. Knee Cut Shoulder Lock
  6. Black Magic Arm Lock
  7. Arm Lock Vs Roll
  8. Inverted Arm Triangle
  9. One Hand Rolling Choke
  10. Inverted Kimura
  11. Tilt Sweep
  12. Tilt Sweep Recounter
  13. Tilt Sweep To Arm Lock
  14. Reverse Half Back Take
  15. Reverse Half Back Take 2
  16. Reverse Half Calf Cutter
  17. Arm Drag
  18. Inverted Arm Lock
  19. Knee Cut Counter Arm Lock
  20. Knee Cut Counter Wrist Lock

Average rating: (3.67 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by JPJiuJitsu on 05/16/2018
Love this DVD! Just like Dan's Black Magic closed guard DVD, this one has Dan's flavor of Jiu-Jitsu thrown into the half guard. I love the small details and the different approach he has to the half guard. Dan really thinks outside the box when he approaches Jiu-Jitsu!
2 of 5 Stars! by ryouboard on 04/08/2018
I disagree with the previous review. These techniques are definitely NOT for beginners. They require proper breakdown of the opponent (which is difficult to do and not really discussed in depth in this DVD), and they require inversion which is not for everyone. The inverted armbar is also not easy to pull off especially against bigger and/or stronger opponents. These techniques are unique and not used widely, so it may be an interesting move to add to your arsenal to surprise someone who is not expecting it (especially if you like attacking from the closed guard). But I would NOT recommend this for beginners or those looking for more fundamental attacks.
4 of 5 Stars! by jh2288 on 01/05/2018
Good Details and thorough explanations. "Black Magic" is a bit of a stretch though. Nothing groundbreaking here, mostly fundamental techniques with slight variations. Recommended for beginners.