Dan Camarillo - Unassuming Submissions [On Demand]

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Dan Camarillo - Unassuming Submissions [On Demand]
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Unassuming Submissions: provides a variety of unsuspecting attacks. Whether you are new to Jiu Jitsu or are a long time veteran, this collection of tried-and-true to sneaky attacks has something for everyone. Formatted in segments instead of the usual thread, Daniel has allowed the viewer to review each submission independently. Different from his other instructionals, Daniel included his JiuJiteiras as an example of the diversity in Jiu Jitsu. Daniel Camarillo’s attention to detail and technicality is still a trademark to his teaching ability in this instructional.

Techniques List:

  1. Introduction.
  2. De La Riva counter to a sneaky knee bar.
  3. De La Riva counter to a knee bar variation and proper knee bar control.
  4. De La Riva counter to knee bar: what to do when they defend.
  5. De La Riva counter to Kimura/arm bar.
  6. Closed guard with over hook to a controlled arm bar.
  7. Reverse triangle from side control.
  8. Sankaku Jime: A powerful Judo position that has plenty of submissions.
  9. Scissor sweep to triangle set up.
  10. Reversing turtle position into a variety of chokes. Choke setup and drills.
  11. Trapped arm pass counter.

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