Bruno Frazatto - Guard Passing Seminar [On Demand]

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Bruno Frazatto - Guard Passing Seminar [On Demand]
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Long step passing with one of the best featherweights of all time, Bruno Frazatto! Filmed at Commack MMA in New York, Bruno teaches the students his highly effective methods of guard passing. If you were not able to get to the event, now this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the world!

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction Warm Up Drill
  2. Long Step Vs. Collar Sleeve
  3. Long Step Vs. Collar Sleeve 2
  4. Long Step Vs. DLR W/ Pant Grip
  5. Leg Weave Pass
  6. Long Step Vs. Knee Shield
  7. Long Step Vs. Reverse DLR
  8. Question: No Gi Long Pass?
  9. Question: Leg Drag For MMA?
  10. Question: Closed Guard For MMA?
  11. Question: Most Common Mistakes With The Long Step?
  12. Question: Defending The Long Step?
  13. Question: Dealing with The Leg Lasso?
  14. Light Rolling
  15. Light Rolling 2

Average rating: (4.26 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by blueskim on 11/21/2018
I own a crap thon of instructionals and this is one my favorites. It's from a seminar and the exchange between Bruno and the audience (questions and answers) adds to the value of the techniques. I wouldn't recommend for a beginner though, maybe purple and up...
5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 09/12/2017
A very good study on the long step pass. Very well taught
5 of 5 Stars! by ejw50 on 08/28/2017
Great seminar, at a bargain price. Explanations are clear and technical and Bruno's English is much improved over his DVDs from 10 years ago from Lloyd Irvin. Bruno's explanations always assume a resisting opponent and have explanations for how you counter those. I also liked that the important parts of the technique are emphasized - he'll let you know when something is important and let you know when it doesn't matter (like when it doesn't matter which grip you use for example). Some overlap in techniques with mendesbros online, but still worth it as Bruno focuses on different aspects of the technique. The seminar format is really nice in that you get to see students making mistakes in the technique (the same mistakes I was making when I tried them out) and Bruno corrects them right away. I was able to make some immediate adjustments in my technique from this seminar and have it work in rolling right away.