BJJ Curriculum Brown to Black Level 1 & 2 [On Demand]

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BJJ Curriculum Brown to Black Level 1 & 2 [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
Streaming Format: 270p, 480p, 720p


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The BJJ Curriculum was created to develop all aspects of the fight game to take each student to their highest possible level for each belt.

Marcello teaches the most important techniques, tricks and details that speed up the learning process and facilitates the performance of each movement. All the positions flow Step-by-Step with the White-Brown Belt Curriculum (Lvl. 1-10).

You will learn effective positions, how to attack and defend, counters and re-counters, guard passes, and set-ups to use when fighting more advanced training partners. All the positions branching off of the White-Brown Belt Curriculum.

Techniques Included:

  1. Cross collar control position to omoplata
  2. Cross collar control position to taking opponent's back
  3. De La Riva hook to bull attack by Marcello Monteiro
  4. De La Riva reverse hook by Flavios
  5. Half guard sprawl pass counter to overhook butterfly sweep with side control
  6. Monteiro's version of the De La Riva hook to helicopter sweep against standing opponent
  7. Reversal sweep over the shoulder from closed guard arbar attack
  8. Vinicinho loop choke
  9. Alligator armbar
  10. Armdrag Takedown
  11. Attacking the mount trapping both legs
  12. Clock choke to back choke
  13. Countering the De La Riva hook to achilles control and attacking the opponent's back
  14. Matsumoto guard pass countering opponent's escape
  15. Mount control position to triangle attack with reverse armbar
  16. Omoplata escape attacking the mount
  17. Opening guard by standing up without controlling the opponent's arms
  18. Overhook side control to omoplata with wristlock and choke
  19. Reverse armbar from the knee on the stomach
  20. Trapping opponent's arm going into the kata guruma
  21. Ze Galo choke to armbar

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