BJJ Curriculum Blue to Purple Level 4 [On Demand]

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BJJ Curriculum Blue to Purple Level 4 [On Demand]
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The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue to Purple Curriculum series has 4 levels with a total of 164 techniques.

The BJJ Curriculum was created to develop all aspects of the fight game to take each student to their highest possible level for each belt.

Marcello teaches the most important techniques, tricks and details that speed up the learning process and facilitates the performance of each movement.

You will learn effective positions, how to attack and defend, counters and re-counters, guard passes, and set-ups to use when fighting more advanced training partners.

Techniques Included:

  1. Closed guard sweep countering the basic armbar defense
  2. BJ Open guard control
  3. Driving the opponent back and reversing the position with the De La Riva hook
  4. Half guard sprawl pass counter to open guard control position
  5. Half guard sprawl pass counter to butterfly sweep trapping the arm to mount position
  6. Half guard sprawl pass counter to underhook butterfly sweep to side control
  7. Half guard control pushing the knee to attack the back
  8. Half guard control to rolling backwards over the shoulder sweep
  9. Half guard to arm drag grabbing the leg and attacking the back
  10. Half guard to sit through to katagaruma reversal
  11. Underhook butterfly sweep to x-guard sweep with takedown
  12. Countering the double underhook rolling backwards to face the opponent
  13. Tomonagi to the triple sweep attack
  14. Countering the opponent's attack and stepping over the leg to pass guard
  15. Countering the De La Riva hook trapping the arm and grabbing the shin
  16. Kicking the side countering the De La Riva hook to passing the opponent's guard
  17. Sprawl counter for the underhook reversal from standing position
  18. Nullifying the counter for the takedown grabbing opponent's elbow
  19. Open guard standing up with cross grip underhooking the leg and passing guard
  20. Standing up to achilles control position
  21. Mount position to knee on the stomach
  22. Alternating knee on the stomach attack from 100 kilos side control
  23. BJ open guard control to omoplata
  24. Countering the double underhook to crucifix
  25. Monteiro attack to the triangle armbar Cadiado attack
  26. Macarone open guard attack to omoplata with triangle
  27. Pulling guard to armbar from standing position
  28. Flying armbar
  29. Butterfly sweep attack to leg lock
  30. Passing opponent's guard arriving in kimura or armbar
  31. North south scissor choke
  32. Overhook control position to leg lock and foot lock
  33. Reverse triangle to kimura then to armbar from side control
  34. Juca triple attack on the mount
  35. Knee on the stomach to monteiro spinning backwards to triangle attack
  36. Back choke passing the calf over the opponent's arm countering his defense
  37. Armbar escape going to the north south ending in side control
  38. Crucifix escape
  39. Omoplata escape rolling under the opponnent to re-guard or attack the triangle
  40. Counter for the headlock with take down going into the armbar
  41. Counter for the guillotine with the takedown and guard pass
  42. Takedown throwing the opponent over the shoulder

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