BJJ Curriculum Blue to Purple Level 3 [On Demand]

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BJJ Curriculum Blue to Purple Level 3 [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
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The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue to Purple Curriculum series has 4 levels with a total of 164 techniques.

The BJJ Curriculum was created to develop all aspects of the fight game to take each student to their highest possible level for each belt.

Marcello teaches the most important techniques, tricks and details that speed up the learning process and facilitates the performance of each movement.

You will learn effective positions, how to attack and defend, counters and re-counters, guard passes, and set-ups to use when fighting more advanced training partners.

Techniques Included:

  1. Advanced De La Riva hook to helicopter sweep
  2. Advanced De La Riva hook sweep to standing opponent to side control
  3. Double three feet attack to 3rd version of the De La Riva hook sweep
  4. Half guard control to dive between opponont's legs for takedown reversal trapping one foot
  5. Half guard to butterfly control grabbing the pants applying the reversal
  6. Half guard to arm drag and butterfly sweep trapping one arm
  7. Hugging the leg for omoplata attack to reversal countering the step over escape
  8. Countering the double underhook controlling one side to butterfly sweep
  9. Countering the double underhook to basic reversal trapping the arm
  10. Turning on all fours trapping opponent's arm stepping through to side control (Katagaruma reversal)
  11. Scissor side control using the headstand to land on the other side of the opponent
  12. Overhook side control drill
  13. Basic De La Riva hook counter with underhook applying the knee for guard pass
  14. Countering the De La Riva hook grabbing the shin and passing opponent's guard
  15. Cross knee control position stepping backwards and passing the guard
  16. Grabbing opponents collar pulling him up arriving in the cross knee control position
  17. Half guard counter to the underhook hugging the leg and passing guard
  18. Countering opponent turning on all fours while controlling the legs
  19. Coutering thard control standing up going in to achilles control position
  20. Spider Guard counter to achilles control position
  21. Sprawl counter for the underhook reversal
  22. Armbar countering the defense with sweep
  23. Cross collar control position to basic loop choke
  24. Half guard control to pushing the knee sweep with triangle
  25. Monteiro attack to triangle
  26. Open guard control position to triangle attack as opponent stands up
  27. Ezekiel choke from half guard
  28. Mount control position to triangle
  29. Triple attack from side control
  30. Reverse triangle to kimura from the side control
  31. Armbar set up to attack the back
  32. Armbar set up to choke
  33. Breaking the grip applying interlocked hands against the opponents wrist
  34. Crossing the knee over the thigh guard pass to leg lock
  35. Juca back attack to reversal armbar
  36. Armbar escape from the bottom sliding head over opponent's thigh
  37. Escape from the back choke attack forcing the opponent's arm to the opposite side
  38. Escape from the rear naked choke to half guard
  39. Breaking the cross collar grip to one arm push control and single leg takedown
  40. Underhooking the leg for the single leg takedown
  41. Takedwon by hooking the leg and grabbing the opponent's ankle

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