Beyond Technique [On Demand]

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Beyond Technique [On Demand]
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Beyond Technique is a collaborative project by two world-renowned jiu jitsu instructors, Kit Dale and Nic Gregoriades.

It features a series of jiu jitsu concepts and principles, specifically designed to assist students who are struggling to remember the moves and techniques that they are shown in bjj classes.

Learning and internalizing these concepts offers a fast and easy route to improving your understanding of jiu jitsu and improving the rate at which you progress.

Techniques Included:

  1. Transitional Pressure - Moving from one position to another.
  2. The Fisher man - A fishing rod analogy for BJJ.
  3. The Quadrant - The four quarters of stability.
  4. Post, Posture and Leverage - How a sweep occurs.
  5. The Porcupine - Using the bony parts of your body to great effect.
  6. Stopping the Guard Pull - How to defend against guard pullers.
  7. The Corkscrew - Pushing and pulling.
  8. Weight Distribution - How it makes all the difference in guard passing.
  9. Structure - How collapsing and creating a structure using your own body can be used to your own advantage.
  10. The Double Barrelled Shotgun - How to maintain the guard.
  11. The Open and Closed Chain - How to think of limbs as chains.
  12. Removing Leverage - How to feel much heavier on an opponent.
  13. The Spinal Torque - How twisting and other spinal manipulations can affect technique.
  14. Size Strategy - How to deal with different body types including what to do if you are shorted than your opponent.
  15. The Border Patrol - A metaphor for attacking or defending.
  16. The Loading of the Spring - How to execute a technique without telegraphing it to your opponent.
  17. The Pendulum - How to use a single part of your body to drive momentum for a bigger movement.
  18. The Takedown Posture - Principals for take downs.
  19. Its All In The Hips - Focus on hip movement when scrambling.
  20. The Misdirection - How to be the first to get a good grip.

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4 of 5 Stars! by carlalbert on 01/06/2016
Some very nice concepts, but it would have been great with more examples for each concept.