Augusto Tanquinho Mendes The Complete Champion Part 1 - 2 DVD

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Augusto Tanquinho Mendes The Complete Champion Part 1 - 2 DVD
Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Length: Approx 118 Minutes
Region: All region DVD
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Get ready for one of the most effective and highly adaptable Jiu Jitsu instructionals series to date! In his FIRST EVER instructional series, Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes takes you through the techniques that helped him beat countless world class opponents. Follow Tanquinho's unique teaching style with a step by step break down of each position and technique. All the concepts shown on this DVD set has been tested both in the gym and in high level competition. Plus, all techniques are shown from multiple angles, with instant replays and with picture-in-picture technology, NOT A SINGLE ANGLE WILL BE MISSED! The materials covered on this DVD set will give you a whole new prospective on passing, controlling and submitting your opponent. If you are seeking to take your game to the next level, this is the DVD set of the year!

"My good friend Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes is one of the best pound for pound guys I've ever rolled with. Not only that but his eye for details when showing & explaining moves is unbelievable. I've improved a ton by rolling with Tanquinho and have gotten even better from his tips to my individual game. I couldn't more highly recommend anyone to purchase this Instructional DVD set. I know his eye for details & solid fundamental base can add even to the most seasoned of BJJ practitioners and open up beginners to whole other levels of BJJ." Ben Henderson - Former UFC and WEC lightweight world champion.
"Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes DVDs series, is a must see. Tanquinho is one of the top Jiu-Jitsu competitors showing all of his best moves. I train on a regular base with Tanquinho but I get the DVD for myself so I can catch the little details. Thanks Tanquinho for putting out there these amazing DVDs series." Wellington "Megaton" Dias - Black belt
"Tanquinho's jiu-jitsu style is so technical and versatile. From strategies to details in positions, he has helped me improve so much as a fighter from purple belt and to becoming a successful black belt! He is a huge part of the jiu-jitsu fighter I am today." Mackenzie Dern -Black Belt

Disc 1:

  • Posture and Mobility Drills
  • Long Step Pass
  • Knee Slide To The Opposite Side
  • Cross Collar Knee Slide
  • Cross Collar Knee Slide to Collar Choke
  • Cross Collar Knee Slide to Brabo Choke
  • Knee Slide Pass to Rolling Back Take
  • Calf Slicer vs. RLDR
  • Berimbolo Defense
  • Deep Half Guard Pass
  • Deep Half Guard Pass 2
  • Deep Half Guard Pass to Mounted Triangle
  • Deep Half Guard Waiter Sweep Pass
  • Passing Traditional Half
  • Half Guard Pass With Shoulder Pressure
  • Half Guard Pass To Far Side Arm Triangle
  • Half Guard Pass To Far Side Ezekiel Choke
  • Half Guard Pass To Far Side Straight Arm Lock
  • Half Guard Pass Kimura Counter
  • X-Guard - Step Over Pass
  • X-Guard - Pass to Butterfly Guard
  • 50/50 To Knee Slide Pass
  • 50/50 Step Over Pass
  • 50/50 Pass to Side Control
  • 50/50 to Toe Hold

Disc 2:

  • Tomoe Nage Fake To Ankle Pick
  • Flying Tomoe Nage
  • Flying Tomoe Nage To Straight Arm Bar
  • Single Leg Defense
  • Mounted Collar Choke
  • Mounted Arm Lock
  • Arm Lock Defense Counter
  • Arm Lock to Bicep Slicer
  • Side Control - Bicep Slicer
  • Side Control - Collar Choke
  • Side Control - Step Over Collar Choke
  • Side Control - North/South Lapel Choke
  • Attacking The Turtle - Back Control
  • Attacking the Turtle - Back Control #2
  • Attacking the Turtle - Inverted Arm Lock
  • Attacking the Turtle - Modified Omoplata
  • Attacking the Turtle - Crucifix Choke
  • Attacking the Turtle - Rolling Omoplata

Average rating: (4 out of 5)

4 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 01/18/2018
Augusto Mendes has beaten the who's in his weight category. Unlike a lot of smaller guys who tend to be more guards focus, Augusto has some of the best pressure pass guard techniques. I've used a few of them and found their dynamic passing a lot more effective than the traditional passes. His top game submission has great chains of different attacks you can do after you've passed their guard. Some stuff I think on here seams a bit basic, and not really my game. I would of like him focus more on his omoplata moves. Having Miss Dern on here is also quite surprising, and good to see.