Ashi Garami by Gustavo Gasperin [On Demand]

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Ashi Garami by Gustavo Gasperin [On Demand]
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Professor Gustavo Gasperin is a BJJ Black Belt under Fabricio Werdum, and was the Head Instructor at Fabricio's gym for many years, located in Venice, CA.

Ashi Garami Fundamentals is not your typical instructional video with dozens of isolated techniques that are not even linked to each other. We’ve organized all the info, connected all the techniques together in a predictable system, and given you a solid plan to be executed.

The focus of this Course is on building a solid foundation for your Leglock and Guard game, by utilizing the Ashi Garami and Single Leg X-Guard as powerful control positions, and the Ankle Lock as the primary submission attack.

Once your opponent enters into the "system", whether he/she is standing up (Single Leg X-Guard) or on the ground (Ashi Garami), you will be in attacking mode. With several counters and recounters for your opponent's defenses, you will be always threatening him/her with sweeps and Ankle Lock submissions.

Although we touch upon more advanced Leglock submissions and positions, this Course is geared to the beginner student who wants to develop a solid foundation and still be able to compete and apply the techniques under the IBJJF rules.

The core curriculum is 100% IBJJF legal for all Belts, including White. No knee-reaping, no illegal submissions.

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Ashi Garami position
  3. Arm positioning for the ankle lock
  4. Finishing the ankle lock
  5. Adjusting the ankle lock
  6. Entries from top position
  7. Countering early defenses
  8. Tripod ankle lock and options
  9. Tripod ankle lock as first option
  10. Knee torque submission and options
  11. Single leg Xguard position
  12. Single leg Xguard entries
  13. Standard sweep and variations
  14. The Assis sweep and options
  15. Finishes from top side Ashi Garami
  16. Modified Xguard tripod sweep
  17. Transition to Xguard
  18. Xguard to the back
  19. Mount escape reentry
  20. Modified Xguard sweep
  21. Countering the back step
  22. Bonus video a guide to the main leglock positions
  23. Bonus video straight ankle lock defense
  24. Bonus video the science of the straight ankle lock

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