AP De La Riva Guard Kristian Woodmansee [On Demand]

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AP De La Riva Guard Kristian Woodmansee [On Demand]
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"AP"De la Riva is a step by step break down of, World Champion, Kristian Woodmansee's DLR game. The lesson plan starts with basic theory and guard retention. It moves on to drills and sweeps, followed by submissions and combinations!

BUT, it doesn't stop there! The second part of this incredible instructional is PASSING the De la Riva Guard! The De la Riva Guard is arguably the most versatile form of Guard. BJJ players with even a basic knowledge of DLR guard can give even great Guard passer a ton of trouble. These are some of the most advanced Guard Passes ever put together in an instructional.

Kristian builds on the fundamentals he showed in the first section, by giving you an understanding of base and balance that the “passer” needs to effectively slice through the DLR Guard.

Many of these are “Woodmansee Specials”, not seen before outside of his training partners at theWorld Champion Atos Team. Being a Roosterweight in a room full of MONSTERS, Kristian's Technique had to be razor sharp. He demonstrates exactly that in this course!

From the very first technique, you will see Kristian's attention to detail and why he has been so successful in both Gi and No-Gi competition.

Techniques Included:

  1. DLR Guard Intro
  2. DLR Retention Drill 1 Side To Side
  3. DLR Retention Drill 2 Leg Stuff Reset
  4. DLR Retention Drill 3 Push Pull
  5. DLR Retention Drill 4 Collar Drag Reset
  6. DLR Cross Collar Collar Drag
  7. DLR Cross Collar footlock
  8. DLR Cross Collar Worm Sit Down
  9. DLR Cross Collar Worm Back Take
  10. DLR Cross Collar _ Sleeve Knee in Omoplata
  11. DLR Cross Collar Tricep Tomoe Nage
  12. DLR Cross Collar Armbar
  13. DLR 2 on 1 Drag
  14. DLR 2 on 1 Armbar
  15. DLR 2 on 1 Tomoe Nage
  16. DLR X Back Take
  17. DLR X Sweep
  18. DLR X Sweep 2
  19. DLR Far Side sit up Sweep
  20. DLR Berembolo to Mount
  21. Passing DLR Guard Intro
  22. Passing DLR Hip Knee Pass
  23. Passing DLR Hip Knee Control Pass 2
  24. Passing DLR Hip Knee Control Pass 3
  25. Passing DLR Break grips HQ pass
  26. Passing DLR Far side Leg Drag
  27. Passing DLR Near side Leg Drag
  28. Passing DLR Shin Cut
  29. Passing DLR Backstep to Knee Cut
  30. Passing DLR Side Flop
  31. Passing DLR Side Stack
  32. Passing DLR Force Reverse DLR

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