Advanced De La Riva by Vicente Junior [On Demand]

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Advanced De La Riva by Vicente Junior [On Demand]
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Now You Know The Basics, Let’s Get Funky

Now that you established your De la Riva foundations, let Vicente Junior expand your arsenal with some tricky sweeps and submissions that can be easily added to your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game plan. These techniques are somewhat advanced, but you’ll be able to add them to your game right away if you have a decent De la Riva guard foundation. In addition to the sweeps and submissions, Professor Vicente takes you through some of his best passes against the De la Riva guard. The is a great well rounded instructional series. Don’t miss out!

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Triangle
  3. Rolling Armbar
  4. Technical Stand Up
  5. Waiter sweep
  6. De la Riva X: Balloon Sweep
  7. De la Riva X: Balloon Sweep - Berimbolo
  8. Inside De la Riva: Backwards Scissor Sweep
  9. Open De la Riva: Triangle
  10. Open De la Riva: Rolling Armbar
  11. Open De la Riva: Double Leg
  12. Open De la Riva: Collar Drag
  13. Open De la Riva: Single Leg
  14. Open De la Riva: Berimbolo
  15. Underhook De la Riva: Technical Stand Up
  16. Underhook De la Riva: Back Take
  17. Underhook De la Riva: Modified Waiter Sweep
  18. Underhook De la Riva: X Guard To Leg Drag
  19. Underhook De la Riva: Single Leg X To Leg Drag
  20. Lapel De la Riva: Berimbolo
  21. Lapel De la Riva: Triangle
  22. Lapel De la Riva: Omoplata
  23. Passing De la Riva: Fundamentals
  24. Passing De la Riva: Leg Drag
  25. Passing De la Riva: Knee Slice
  26. Passing De la Riva: Back-Step
  27. Passing De la Riva: Side Smash
  28. Passing De la Riva: Back Step (Leandro Lo)
  29. Passing De la Riva: Back Step Vs. Inside De la Riva
  30. Passing De la Riva: Low Pass Vs. Inside Le la Riva
  31. Passing De la Riva: Back Step Vs. Inside De la Riva 2
  32. Drills

Average rating: (4 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by Rei1781 on 06/19/2019
Amazing, details in this video are amazing! Lots of interesting techniques to keep your opponent guessing. Look forward to any other releases by Professor Vicente.
5 of 5 Stars! by JPJiuJitsu on 07/24/2018
I've never been all that great at the de la riva guard. However, after going through this video and drilling the you know what out of these moves, I will say, it's increase my comfort level with the de la riva guard and it has definitely made my de la riva guard better. If you want to get better at this guard, pick it up now! If you have a good de la riva guard already, pick it up today and add more tools to your arsenal! You won't be disappointed!