Abraham Marte Aggressive Closed Guard [On Demand]

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Abraham Marte Aggressive Closed Guard [On Demand]
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Jiu Jitsu development doesn't solely come from Brazil; the Dominican Republic has its own champion in Abraham Marte. Initially developed to finish Vale Tudo fights, Abraham's approach to the closed guard is extremely effective and adaptable for all situations. In this instructional, Abraham walks you through his unique "Marte Guard" and shows you in great detail how to immobilize your opponent -- rendering them helpless to your onslaught of attacks. As a student of the game, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Techniques Included:

  1. Aggressive Backtake
  2. Aggressive Collar Choke
  3. Sweep To Mount
  4. Aggressive Armlock
  5. Armlock Triangle
  6. Cross Collar Choke
  7. Aggressive Collar Choke 2
  8. Kimura
  9. Inverted Armlock
  10. Short Armlock
  11. Hammer Lock Backtake
  12. Hammer Lock Reversal
  13. Step Over Armlock
  14. Kesa Gatame Armlock
  15. Six Point Sweep
  16. Double Leg Counter
  17. Marte Backtake
  18. Marte Triangle
  19. Fighting Stallers
  20. Blitz Armbar

Average rating: (4.41 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 12/16/2018
Anyone looking to expand their guard game needs these 2 dvds. Worth the investment. His attention to the smallest detail makes learning his guard game.
5 of 5 Stars! by bjjking on 10/17/2017
These are probably the best closed guard DVD instructionals that I have seen. They are detailed, logical, build on themselves, and are well worth the money.
5 of 5 Stars! by Slw4884 on 06/02/2017
Great training. Detailed slow enough to train on a grappling dummy and human. Ill never be at his level but I was able to pull a few of these off at full speed during a couple sessions.