40 Plus BJJ Success Vol 2 - Guard [On Demand]

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Finally... a straight up, no frills, proven approach to hanging with the "young guns" on the mat, making MASSIVE leaps in your game, staying healthy for the long haul - and killing it in competition!

Stephen Whittier is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt and owner of Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness in Massachusetts. He's also a professional performance coach with years of experience teaching seminars and training camps across the country and internationally, and training everyone from recreational students to BJJ competitors and "A-list" MMA fighters.

In this volume Stephen focuses on the guard game.

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Guard: Knees to Chest
  3. Guard: Foot Placements & Pressure
  4. Guard: Grips
  5. Guard: Hip Movement (Angles)
  6. Guard: Attacks
  7. Border Patrol
  8. Grip Fighting
  9. Border Patrol + Beat Base
  10. Attacking Pressures
  11. Attacking Pressure Combinations
  12. Late Retention Shrimp
  13. Block & Parry
  14. Guard Recovery When Flattened
  15. Recovery From Half Guard Bottom
  16. Half Guard Bottom: Assisted Frame
  17. Half Guard Bottom: Stayin Alive
  18. The Shotput Underhook
  19. Underhook to Stayin Alive
  20. Threaded Spider Guard
  21. Threaded Spider Guard: Sweep Setup
  22. Threaded Spider Guard: Forcing Sweep
  23. Threaded Spider Guard: Defending Passes
  24. Threaded Spider Guard: Frame & Switch to Plata
  25. Threaded Spider Guard: Figure 4 Sweep
  26. Triangle Finish Details
  27. Cross Collar Upright Guard Windsurfer 1
  28. Cross Collar Upright Guard Windsurfer 2
  29. Cross Collar Upright Guard Windsurfer 3
  30. Cross Collar Upright Guard Windsurfer 4

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