40 Plus BJJ Success Vol 1 - Mastering Escapes [On Demand]

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Finally... a straight up, no frills, proven approach to hanging with the "young guns" on the mat, making MASSIVE leaps in your game, staying healthy for the long haul - and killing it in competition!

Stephen Whittier is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt and owner of Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness in Massachusetts. He's also a professional performance coach with years of experience teaching seminars and training camps across the country and internationally, and training everyone from recreational students to BJJ competitors and "A-list" MMA fighters.

In this volume Stephen focuses on mastering escapes.

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Escaping Posture Fundamentals
  3. The 3 Ps
  4. Fighting for Posture
  5. Side Control Bottom Escape
  6. Threaded Legs Escape
  7. Underhook to Knees Escape
  8. Forklift to Fonz Escape
  9. Transitioning to Knees
  10. Defense from Quarters: Handfighting
  11. Defending the Back Take
  12. The Backpeddle
  13. Lockout Frame to Reverse Shrimp
  14. Reverse Shotput Escape
  15. The Knee Bump
  16. Knee Bump from Side Control Bottom
  17. Knee Bump from Mount Bottom
  18. Knee Bump from Quarter Guard
  19. Knee Bump from Side Mounted
  20. Reverse Shrimp from Side Mounted
  21. The Fan Mount Escape
  22. Back Escape Fundamentals
  23. Simple & Best Submission Defense

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